Pulmotree Kolibri Mesh-Nebulizer

Improved therapy through technical progress

Unique features which make the Kolibri so special

Automatic data transfer

to users, physicians and CROs with the Pulmotree Connect.

Haptic and digital inhalation feedback

for optimized lung deposition.

User-specific customization

for medication, patient group and market strategy.

Key- & Lock-System

for product protection and easy handling.

Intelligent Administration System

for breath-triggered aerosol generation and targeted drug deposition.

Kolibri – Speaks for itself when it comes to ease and efficiency.

The Kolibri embodies the next stage in the evolution of vibrating mesh-nebulizers, which allows an automatic and controlled support for the therapy. It provides real-time feedback on the inhalation technique and user adherence to the Pulmotree Connect app on the smartphone.

Inhalation effectiveness is increased in the long term by tracking therapy progress and providing easy-to-understand instructions for self-monitoring at home.

The Key-& Lock-System and the Closed System promote error-free inhalation, which is adapted to the user’s specific needs.

Drug Delivery & Monitoring in perfect symbiosis

The Intelligent Administration System (INAS) helps the patient to achieve the therapeutically required inhalation flow rate and allows a targeted aerosol delivery into the intended airways.

The physician and study centers also receive separate insight into the course of therapy and can use this information to optimize the patient’s therapy plan and interpret study results more easily. In this way, the Kolibri supports improved inhalation and increases the success of the therapy with the support of experts.

Made in Bavaria
Patient safety first. Followed closely by the environment, of course.

The innovative design-approach of our nebulizers has enabled us to significantly reduce the amount of plastic consumables. We rely on local structures in the development and production of our Kolibri. This is particularly sustainable and also accelerates the development time.

Reduce risks in the clinical development of inhaled products
Our contribution to the success of clinical studies.

Our goal is to minimize the factors influencing the results of clinical studies. We achieve this by being able to automatically select relevant parameters, such as the flow rate of inhalation and the patient’s inspiration time, in addition to adherence monitoring. This enables a qualitative evaluation of each individual inhalation made by the study participant, which in turn improves the interpretability of the study results. Only by understanding whether the patient has inhaled correctly can we exclude unfavorable results due to suboptimal drug deposition. And in the end, we provide an ideal low dosage of active ingredients.

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Our Partnering Approach
Together and at eye level to achieve optimal aerosol therapy.

We work at eye level with our partners to get the best out of each combination product. This requires first testing the core of our mesh-nebulizer for the drug and the indication and before making optimized adaptions. Once this is done, we can concentrate on equipping the nebulizer system and configuring it for the future product with an optimal cost-benefit ratio. We operate as a one-stop-shop for the therapy of respiratory diseases and support our partners in creating added value for the patient in addition to the usual development and approval activities.

Kolibri lock

Exclusivity in every detail
Innovative solutions to protect against unauthorized usage and product piracy.

We offer solutions for patient use at home that prevent the system components from being mixed up with other Kolibri nebulizers on the market. We hereby protect our pharmaceutical partners from losses due to generic drugs, imitations or product piracy. The patient is protected against possible overdosage and can always use a functional nebulizer that is adapted to the respective medication.

Sound interesting? Then maybe we should go a step further and talk about our Closed System Concept, whereby the nebulizer system can only be used with the approved drug.


The Pulmotree Kolibri Key & Lock System
Our Development Approach
Develop. Integrate. Collaborate.

What if we could start the development of mesh-nebulizers all over again from the very beginning. And we could do so without having to sacrifice the expertise we have built up in this technology.

We have changed our perspective and asked ourselves what really helps the patient in their therapy and how we can both support the doctor in their treatment and create special added value for our pharmaceutical partners. And we have implemented this together with them.

Isn’t it fantastic when all sides really benefit from it?

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