Pulmotree Connect Eco-System

Fully networked therapy platforms.

Optimal course of therapy through e-health features

  • Automatic storage of therapy data by nebulizers and inhalers
  • Encoded data exchange to secure user data
  • Adherence-monitoring and inhalation-quality assessment for reliable study results and therapy optimization
  • Centralized therapy control and feedback for the patient
  • Health-monitoring to ensure timely intervention

One therapy system – infinite possibilities

We combine nebulizers, inhalers and monitoring devices, connect them with patients and practitioners and thus form a therapeutic ecosystem. Using our own products, in cooperation with devices from our partners.


Customized drug delivery systems
With Plug & Play to a complete therapy system.

This creates many advantages and useful interfaces. Since our system is designed as an all-networking platform, any hardware can be integrated via Plug & Play. Therapy-relevant data and information can be transmitted to the doctors and research centers. Thanks to the networked therapy platform, patients with respiratory diseases can be treated holistically and from a single source. This not only creates great added value for patients, but also increases the attractiveness of our partners’ products by providing maximum connectivity.

Holistic therapy of respiratory diseases
The goal of the Pulmotree Connect Ecosystem is clear: A better quality of life for people suffering from respiratory diseases.

Not an easy task, but one worth working for. To achieve this, we rely on everything that supports the patient on his or her therapy path: Our solutions accompany them holistically and intuitively, supported by doctors and CROs. We simplify their daily therapy routine with smart solutions for automated and secure self monitoring innovations. To gradually turn an illness into a minor matter.

Connectivity – How we optimize therapy processes

The Kolibri and other monitoring devices submit results on adherence and inhalation technology to the Pulmotree Connect Cloud. The cloud sends therapy-relevant data to the Connect App on the smartphone. This ensures that the patient is optimally supported during therapy with reminders, application aids and real-time feedback on the inhalation maneuver.

Optimized therapies through integration of physicians

Physicians receive a fit-for-purpose view of adherence, inhalation maneuvers and the development of the patient’s health. As a result, the therapy plan can be optimized individually and remotely; in an automatic and controlled fashion.

Taking Study monitoring to the next level

Clinical studies benefit from the Pulmotree Connect Eco-System by providing high data-density for medical research. Based on the simple and risk-minimized result-interpretation of the data, research results not only gain in quality, but are also based on reliable data evaluation.

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