Pulmotree Flamingo Spirometer

Pulmonary monitoring with the app-based Pulmotree Flamingo Spirometer.

Simplified monitoring by focusing on the essentials

  • Simplified study design using integrated lung functionality.
  • Long-term trend analysis of the health trajectory.
  • Integration of physicians to support therapy.
  • CE marking and FDA approval with validated data accuracy.
  • Mobile usage at any time and any place.

Just exhale – we’ll do the rest

The Pulmotree Flamingo Spirometer is designed to measure key values like FEV1, FVC and PEF. Fully integrated into the Pulmotree Connect Eco-System, the collected data can be automatically made available to doctors and study sites (CRO). Disease progression is thereby better understood and deterioration of the clinical picture is detected in time. However, we are happiest when improved lung functionality can be evoked by effective therapy.

Experience lung functionality tests anew
From the comfort of your own home and with the support of doctors and CROs.

The Flamingo Spirometer completes the one-stop-shop mission of our Connect Eco-System for respiratory therapies. Patients are provided with all relevant test results in the Pulmotree Connect app on their smartphones. In real time via Bluetooth. As a long-term course in graphic display via the cloud. This provides the patient with feedback on their lung functionality that is easy to interpret. By making the results available to the treating physician, they can easily support the success of the therapy remotely.

Drug Delivery & Monitoring
Accompany clinical studies with the Flamingo Spirometer.

The integration of the Pulmotree Flamingo provides the perfect complement to clinical studies in the field of inhaled products. In addition to therapy-relevant data on drug application, lung functionality data can now be integrated for improved study monitoring. This simplifies overall handling and reduces the risk of errors by combining different systems. We should also mention this applies to the costs of the studies.

CE-marked and FDA approved

  • Corresponds to validated data-accuracy according to
    • ISO 26782 Std (for spirometry parameters),
    • ISO 23747 Std (parameters for peak flow) and
    • ATS/ERS standards 2005.

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