Pulmotree Connect App

Taking therapy into your own hands.

Pulmotree Connect App – One interface, many advantages

  • Therapy planning and reminders for better adherence and patient support.
  • Personal therapy diary with access to the entire therapy process.
  • Digital inhalation feedback for optimal drug deposition.
  • Centralized therapy control with integration of additional devices and medication.
  • Long-term view of therapy and monitoring.

Get full access to therapy with the Pulmotree Connect app

As an interface to the Pulmotree Connect Eco-System, Pulmotree’s Connected Devices can be controlled via a single smartphone app and integrate existing systems from our partners. With the digital feedback system, the Connect App helps to bring the drug to the place where it is supposed to take effect in the lungs. In combination with the Flamingo Spirometer, it enables long-term monitoring of lung functionality.

With a range of other functions, the Pulmotree Connect App becomes a personal companion for respiratory therapy.

The personal assistant for improved inhalation

Adapted to each individual’s therapy, the Connect App reminds users of their next inhalation appointment and automatically stores relevant information in the therapy diary. This allows long-term tracking of the therapy and the implementation of further improvements.

For effective inhalation, the app encourages the user to keep on breathing until the medication has fully penetrated even the smallest airways. After each use, the Pulmotree algorithm displays the quality of the inhalation, making it easy to understand the key points of inhalation.

The Pulmotree Connect app means patients can take therapy success into their own hands. And for the little ones, parents receive the tools to provide their children with optimal support.

Optimizing respiratory therapies
With the therapy interface for doctors and clinical studies.

For a better understanding of the therapy progress, it takes more than just adherence monitoring. Since the deposition site of the drug significantly influences the success of the therapy, the patient should be primarily focused on inhaling correctly. To determine the actual deposition behavior in the patient, we enable physicians and study centers to better understand the inhalation quality. For this purpose, we measure the entire breathing maneuver and provide it compressed to the essentials – quickly retrievable and evident at a glance!

Physicians can thus make decisions with greater clarity and support their patients even from a distance.

Study centers gain access to revealing data that significantly contribute to the evaluation of trial results and at the same time minimize risks.

“Simple and convenient, so that the patient can focus on the important things.”

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