Holistic therapies for respiratory diseases

Our therapeutic ecosystem has a clear goal of improving the quality of life for people suffering from respiratory diseases.

Our therapeutic ecosystem has a clear goal of improving the quality of life for people suffering from respiratory diseases. Not an easy task, but one that is worthwhile. To achieve this, we utilise everything that aids patient treatment and therapies. Our solutions therefore support patients holistically and intuitively and we make routine patient treatments easier by applying smart solutions. Illness then gradually becomes a minor issue.


Networked device development

Pulmotree develops its own innovative devices for respiratory therapy, ranging from drug delivery devices to diagnostic and monitoring tools such as spirometers. Our knowledge and experience of therapeutic ecosystems is incorporated directly into the development process. We are concerned not just with the intake of medication by users but rather with fully supporting patients in their daily routines. By networking therapy and diagnostic devices. By directly involving the relevant medical staff and study institutes. By adapting all software and hardware in the respiratory therapy to specifically meet patient needs.

From initiator to inhaler
The Pulmotree Medical team takes on a range of roles in developing nebulisers, inhalers and similar products.

We are an initiator of innovative products and an inspirer for medical technology companies. We want to be an incubator for new concepts and methods so we can consistently offer customers and patients the right solution.

We do this using the core competencies firmly anchored at Pulmotree Medical as well as by integrating a specialist partner network for short-term needs.

Cooperative developing devices and concepts

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Every company is specific and needs different approaches to projects. To meet every need in every situation, we have incorporated flexibility into our device development process. We can work completely according to our proven process model, or we can work according to the required customer processes, with an agile approach to customer structures. This of course also applies to documentation, either as a full (design history file: DHF) that we supply, or as separate documents feeding into the customer’s own documentation..


Transparent cooperation through T(3P)M
We believe in transparency. It is the key to mutual trust.

Pulmotree Medical has therefore developed its own process: the “Transparent Partner Participated Project Management Process”, or T(3P)M for short. The core of this approach is to directly include customers into all project activities thereby ensuring a detailed overview of tasks and activities at all times.

Dynamism from a network strategy

Breathing agility and efficiency

It’s the team, rather than any team: the Pulmotree network strategy enables us to support every project flexibly, agilely and thus highly efficiently.

This applies to both individual device development and holistic therapeutic ecosystems. Our network strategy enables us to get the right specialist on board for any area, from basic devices such as inhalers and nebulisers through to spirometers and apps for intelligently networking therapy modules. We can then act quickly and flexibly as well as meet customer needs as a full one-stop-shop.

Getting the right expertise at the right time creates lean structures and efficient processes. The strategy’s basis is Pulmotree Medical’s network of highly specialised companies. These are not short-term freelancers, but loyal partners with close ties and working under the highest confidentiality.
We selectively include them in projects to complement Pulmotree’s core competencies and together create a unique added value for customers.